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Lending a Helping Hand

Chair & Former Co-Chair,
Atlanta Symposium on Political Science

June 2022 - Present

Coordinator of ASOPS, the leading graduate Political Science conference in Gerogia, hosted at GSU. ASOPS is an opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students to present on-going research – at various stages – in a low-pressure environment.

Board Member,
Zoukis Research Collaborative

August 2022 - Present

Member of Advisory Board of the Zoukis Research Collaborative at GSU. Zoukis encourages and supports scholarly research into all aspects of mandatory sentencing and associated “tough on crime” policies, including – but not limited to – research on the creation and passage of mandatory sentencing laws, the broad effects of such laws within the criminal justice system and beyond, and public support for these policies. 

Election Observer,
The Carter Center

November 2020 - Present

Observing election operations for The Carter Center, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to promoting democracy globally. Observations assist with understanding the context of U.S. elections and the main regulations that shape observer access.

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